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Updated 2021/04/08 At 10:35 PM CST


ORWELLIAN: YouTube CENSORS Ron DeSantis Covid Roundtable That Challenged Lockdown Consensus


Trump Says "Bye-Bye, Asa" After The Arkansas Governor Voted Against Banning Child Chemical Castration

Civil Unrest

VIDEOS: BLM Forced Their Way Into Iowa Capitol - Several Get Arrested
FBI Continues To Add Charges To Capitol Protesters 3 Months Later
BLM Protester Charged With Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans


WEIRD: Biden Supports Decision To Send Money To Palestine As Promoting "Israeli Palestine Stability", Gives No Explanation HOW
Biden Cancels Independence Day Parade At National Mall Due To Self-Imposed Covid Limitations
GAFFE: Biden Ridiculously Suggests Planes Will Soon Be Able To Travel At 21,000 MPH - Figher Jets Travel Max Around 1,000 MPH
ANOTHER GAFFE: Biden Mistakenly Refers To "ATF" As "AFT" Repeatedly
TGP Provides Another Recap Of The Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal As It Begins To Make Mainstream Headlines Again

Illegal Immigration

New York Passed Covid Package That Will Grant ILLEGAL Immigrants That Lost Work $15,600....
Over 172 THOUSAND Illegal Immigrants Were Encountered At Border In March Alone - How Many Were Uncounted?? #BuildTheWall
CHAOS: While Visiting Texas Facility Jim Jordan Witnessed 527 Kids In A Pod That Should Only Contain 33
YOUR TAX DOLLARS: At LEAST 60 MILLION Dollars Are Being Spent PER WEEK On Migrant Children, And Costs Are Expected To Rise
SHOCKING: US Customs And Border Protection Graphs Comparing Illegal Immigration Across Years


US Has Added 7 Chinese Supercomputing Entities To Economic Blacklist For National Security Reasons


Russian Troops Continue To Pose Threat At Ukrainian Border, Psaki Says US "Increasingly Concerned"


FASCISTS: Canada Constructs Fence Around Church For Covid Violations To Keep Christians OUT - Had Jailed Pastor For Over A Month
VIDEO: White Sox Fans Boo Chicago Mayor And Illinois Governor At Opener - They Broke Lockdown Rules But Keep Stadium To 20% Capacity
HORRIBLE: High School TRACK Coach Says He Was Fired For Refusing To Make Athletes Wear Masks
FIGHTING BACK: Florida Is Suing The Biden Administration Over Cruise Ban

Second Amendment

VIDEO: Biden Gives Speech To Promote New Executive Actions "Gun Vilence Is An International Embarrassment"
Biden LIED About How Gun Control Works, Gets Called Out By Washington Beacon And Psaki Admits It
2A Win!! Tennessee Governor Has Signed Constitutional Carry Into Law!!
GOOD: WV Attorney General Vows To Sue Biden Administration If Gun Control Policies Enacted


FBI Continues To Withhold Documents In Seth Rich Case
AWESOME: 6 Foot Monitor Lizard Crawls Into 7-Eleven (VIDEO)
EX-NFL Star Is Suspected In Murder Of 5, Including Doctor And His Family
FIZZLING OUT: Early Votes For Amazon Wearhouse Unionization In Alabama Suggest The Effort Is Failing
Facebook Receiving Criticismm For Not Notifying Nearly 500 THOUSAND Users Of Data Breach
INTERESTING: Electric Trucks May Soon Challenge Their Diesel Counterparts
Ilhan Omar Was Pretty Quiet About Biden's "Kids In Cages" - But She's Getting Vocal About Biden Admin Plans For Border Wall

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