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Updated 2021/04/07 At 10:26 PM CST


Spotify Has Deleted MORE Of Joe Rogan's Podcasts Without Explanation


Despite Media Reports, Trump Says Matt Gaetz Never Asked Him For A Pardon
Dave Chapelle Reveals That It Was Celebrities Who Left "Dirty Notes" For The Incoming Trump Administration
VIDEO: Biden's Commerce Secretary ADMITS Trump's China Tarrifs On Steel/Aluminum Saved American Jobs


DISTURBING: WHO Is Redefining What "Herd Immunity" Means In Order To Push Experimental "Vaccines"
OOF: CDC Says Only 1 In 10,000 Chance Of Getting Covid From Surfaces, Despite Previous Claims
FAULTY TESTS?? Montana Governor Has Tested Positive For Covid 4 Days After Getting Vaccine - Patriots Remember When Elon Musk Had 2 Positive And 2 Negative Tests In The Same Day
#American: Arizona May Soon Ban Vaccine Passports - Many States Are Considering A Ban


Matt Gaetz Alleged Extorter Admits Asking Gaetz For 25 MILLION Dollars, But Denies Extortion
GOOD: Soros-Backed Attorney Kim Gardner Loses Appeal To Remain On McCloskey Case After Politicizing The Case For Fundrasing
GOOD QUESTION: Why Did Hunter Biden Choose This Time To Write His Memoir?
Maybe That's Why They Legalized Weed.... New York State Is In A Budget Crisis And Plans To Raise Taxes
COOL: NASA Has Been Approved To Test New Technology That Would "Punch" Asteroids Away From Earth

Illegal Immigration

NASA Employees Receive Email Seeking Volunteers To Help Staff Facilities For Illegal Immigrant Children
GOOD: Texas And Louisana AGs Are Suing Biden Over "Sanctuary Country" Orders Allowing Illegal Immigrants Into U.S.
Alex Jones Physically Stops Vehicle That Appeared To Be Illegally Transporting Migrant Children
ABOUT TIME: DHS Mayorkas Is Now Expressing Support For ICE And Backs An Increase In Deportations As Border Crisis Continues
SPINSTER: Pelosi Tries To Suggest The Trump Caused The Border Crisis And Biden Is Fixing It
Not Just Military Bases - Biden Is Converting 7 Border Hotels Into "Casas" For Illegal Immigrants


US State Department Wednesday Announced Biden WILL Lift Sanctions On Iran For New Nuclear Deal Contradicting Previous Vow


To Sell Biden's "Infrastructure" Plan Democrats Are Butchering The Word Infrastructure To Mean Paid Leave, Child Care, Etc...
Biden Claims To Offer Compromises For His Infrastructure Bill - Patriots Remember Democrats Already Received Clearance From Parliamentarian To Override Filibuster


G-20 Countries Working Toward Global Consensus On Corporate Taxation - Announced Days After Janet Yellen Signaled The Idea
Comedian Samantha Bee Openly Admits She Goes Easy On Biden - "I Can't Deny That"
MR POPULAR: Only 1,853 Viewers Watched Bidens "American Jobs Act" Speech Live On White House Channel
Trust In MSM/News Continues To Decline As Reporters And Pundits Fail To Be Critical Of Biden's Administration
Biden Administration Announced On Wednesday It Plans To Provide 235 MILLION In US Aid To Palestine

Everything's About Identity...

WHAT? Actress Sophia Bush Says Banning Sex Transition Surgeries For Minors Is "Tantamount To Murder"
IDENTITY HIRING: United Airlines Vows 1/2 Of The Next 5,000 Pilots They Train Will Be Black Women Or People Of Color
RACE BAITING: A New "Prayer" Book Being Sold In Target Has Passages Preaching Hatred Of White People
Virginia Lt. Governor Twice Accused Of Rape Plays Race Card In Self-Defense, Compares Rape Accusations To Lynching
RACE BAITING: American Federation Of Teachers President Has A Message For Jews - You Are "Now Part Of The Ownership Class"

Second Amendment

2A ALERT: Biden Is Set To Issue Gun Control Executive Orders On Thursday - WH Issues Statement On What May Be Included

Civil Unrest

ANOTHER CHAUVIN TRIAL CLIP: George Floyd Is On Camera Saying "I Ate Too Many Drugs"
Nation Of Islam Calls Capitol Police Murderer A ‘Brother With Such Great Potential’
Far Left Host Of "Democracy Now" Tries To Make OR Governor Condemn Police Shooting Man Who Killed A Trump Supporter And Pulled Gun During Arrest
DC Chief Medical Examiner Announced Cause/Manner Of Death For Four People Who Died In Jan. 6 Capitol Unrest


DISGUSTING: White House Is No Longer Considering Boycott Of The Beijiing Olympics Over Chinese Genocide - But Rails Against Georgia For Cherishing Vote Integrity
HEATING UP: Japan Deploys Destroyer In Response To China Sending Aircraft Carrier And Ships Passed Okinawa
REMINDER: Former Detainee Revealed That China Is Detaining Christians In WINDOWLESS "Transformation" Facilities, Brainwashing
NOT JUST JAPAN: Biden Has Deployed US Warships As Tensions With China Continue To Rise
China Warns US Against Boycotting Winter Olympics in Beijing Over Uyghur Genocide/Huamn-Rights-Abuses

Election Integrity

UPDATE! The "Protect Democracy Project" Group Threatening AZ Election Auditors Is Connected To CHINA, OBAMA, SOROS, And BIDEN
POLL: Most Americans Don't Want To See MLB Or Other Corporations "Go Woke" And Punish States Over Legislation
CONTACT NH REPS: New Hampshire House Is Set To Vote On A Forensic Audit Of The Windham County 2020 Election
AWESOME: Rep. Mark Finchem Is Campaigning For AZ Secretary Of State On A Platform Of "Fraud Free Elections"!!
REMINDER: Maricopa County Officials Continue To Obstruct The Senate's Mandated 2020 Election Audit
STANDING FIRM: Augusta Nation Chairman Says Club Members Value Voter Integrity, Refuses To Speak Politically On GA Law

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