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HYPOCRITES: Major League Baseball REGULARLY Does Business With Genocidal Communist China... But Boycotts Georgia Over Election Integrity Law...


RINO Liz Cheney DEFENDS Private Sector Political Interference, Doesn't Believe Republican Party Should Represent Working Class Americans
GOP Arkansas Governor VETOED Bill That Would Prevent Minors From Getting Gender Transition Surgery, Offers Weak Reasoning

Illegal Immigration

BOLD: AZ Attorney General Has Invited Kamala Harris To Visit The Border - Neither She Nor Biden Has Visited Since The Start Of The Crisis
POLL: Over 72% Of Americans Believe Illegal Immigration Poses A Direct Threat To US Prosperity
Deputy Border Patrol Chief Suggests Well Over 100 THOUSAND People Have Escaped Border Patrol This Year
NOT ALL ASYLUM SEEKERS: Two Yemenese Men On FBI TERROR WATCH LISTS Were ARRESTED After Illegally Crossing US Border

Everything's About Identity...

AGREED: McConnell Says Private Sector Needs To Stop Acting Like A "Woke Parallel Government"
WTH? Apparently Evergreen Trees Are Racist And Indicate Lynching? Portland High School May Abandon Their Tree Mascott #TreesAreRacistNow
FASCISTS: Leftist Group STOLE Confederate Statue From Cemetery And Is Demanding RANSOM
NYT Gets Called Out For HEAVY RACE-BAITING In Article That Suggests "White Evangelicals" Are An "Obstacle" To Vaccine Efforts


WIN!! Canadian Restaurant Patrons Shoo Away Officials Trying To Close The Establishment (VIDEO)
FBI Warns Purchasing Vaccine Cards May Land You In Legal Trouble - Take It With A Grain Of Salt, An Experimental Medicine Cannot Be Mandated
Democratic Mayor Comes Out In Defense Of Ron DeSantis After "60 Minutes" Runs Deceptively Edited Hit Piece, Suggests Corruption Over Covid Vax
VIDEO: MSM/Democrats Are Ramping Up The Covid Fear Mongering, Warn Of "Double Mutant" Covid Variant
Landlords Are Speaking Out Against Eviction Moratoriums, Struggling To Stay Afloat Without Tenant Revenue
VIDEO: Flight Attendant Tries To Kick Family Off Of Spirit Airlines After TWO YEAR OLD WAS EATING WITHOUT A FACEMASK.....


Iran Refuses US Diplomatic Discussion, Calls For Biden To Lift Sanctions


Trump Fires Back Over FALSE NYT Allegations That He Sought To Hoodwink Campaign Donors - Less Than 1% Complained


VIDEO: See Before-And-After Footage PROVING "60 Minutes" Aimed to Smear Governor DeSantis
TERRIBLE IDEA: LA City Council Member Wants To Put Homeless Shelters On Local Beaches
6 Found Dead In Texas In Murder-Suicide Pact
ABSURD: Amazon ADMITS Some Of Their Drivers Have To Pee In Bottles...

Civil Unrest

LAWLESS NATION: Teen Girls Who Hijacked A Car And Murdered An Uber Eats Driver RECEIVE PLEA DEAL, No Prison Time
Ohio Criminal Was Released On Parole - Allegedly Murders A Man And Is Released AGAIN...
Portland Police Exit Interview - "The City Council Are Raging Idiots, Ignore Actual Facts On Crime And Policing In Favor Of Radical Leftist Fantasy"
CIVIL UNREST: US Murder Rose 25% In 2020, In DC Car Theft Has Increased 300%
GOOD: Portland Rioter Has Been Indicted On MULTIPLE Attempted Murder Charges, Chucked Molotov Cocktails At Police

Election Integrity

Maricopa County, AZ Must Be Hiding Something Related To The 2020 Election, Given Their Penchant For Obstruction
OWNED: Rep. Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Hypocrisy Of American Airlines - If Its Not Exclusionary To Require ID To Fly, Requiring ID To Vote Is Not A Real Issue
GOOD: Georgia Republicans Seek To Remove Coca-Cola From Offices After Coke CEO Criticized Georgia Voting Law
DISGRACEFUL: Soros-Connected Secretary Of State In MI REFUSES To Testify Before Senate On The States's Election Audit Process - Patriots Remember Damning Videos
HYPOCRISY: Apple CONDEMNS Voter ID In Georgia But Requires Identification For MANY Services, Developed Facial Recognition
Delta, American Airlines, And Now UNITED AIRLINES Are Condemning Voter Integrity Laws While Requiring IDs To Fly
DISTURBING: Biden Admin Will Not Admit To Lies About Georgia Election Law Even After Being Called Out By WaPo


State Department Spokesman Says US Has Asked Russia To Explain Ukrainian Provocation - Russia Denies Posturing


Justice Clarence Thomas Warns Social Media Over First Amendment Violations
HORRIBLE: Facebook Fact-Checked Woman Complaining Of Vaccine Reactions, She Died A Week Later...
FAKE NEWS: WaPo Attempts To Smear Former Senator Patrick Colbeck Over Criticisms Of 2020 Election Anomalies


REMINDER: Hunter Biden Has Still Not Adequately Explained His Dealings In China And Ukraine
VIDEO: Listen To Biden... He Suggests Infrastructure Encompasses Private Property... Listen To His Response To Questions About Companies Leaving The United States Over Tax Hikes
Biden On Easter Painted Covid Vaccination As A "Moral Obligation"... But All We Have Are Experimental Medicines And A "Traditional" Vaccine That Uses Aborted Baby Material...
Biden Benefits From Leftist George Soros, Will See 20 MILLION Dollars Donated From Linked Group To Boost Infractructure Plan
VIDEO: Host Of Sky News Rips Joe Biden Over Recent Gaffes And Tumbles


Biden's Energy Secretary DOESN'T DENY Tax Hikes To Pay For MASSIVE Infrastructure Plan Will 'Hit The Middle Class Hard'
INTERESTING: Janet Yellen Is Calling For International Minimum Standard Taxes For Corporations To Stop Tax-Related Competition
TRUTH: Political Strategist Dick Morris Calls Biden's "Infrastructure" Bill A Lie And A Ploy To Collectivize The United States
FIGHTING BACK: Dem. Senator Manchin REJECTS Biden's Corporate Tax Hikes And Says More Democrats Will Join His Rebuke
UH-OH: Senate Parliamentarian Approved Use Of Budget Reconciiliation On Infrastructure Bill, Allows Democrats To Evade Filibuster

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