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Updated 2021/04/03 At 5:50 PM CST

Illegal Immigration

CRISIS CONTINUES: Pentagon To Allow A THIRD Military Base To House Illegal Immigrants


ATTENTION PATRIOTS: Trump Has Called For Conservatives To BOYCOTT MLB For Their Partisan Decision Over All-Star Game
President Trump Releases Statement On Big Media Discounting 2020 Election Fraud


Several Republicans Have Stepped Up, Slammed MLB For The Financial Censorship Of Georgia Over Voting Law
CONFIRMED: Epoch Times Has Obtained Research Documents PROVING YouTube Removed Over 2.5 MILLION Dislikes From Biden's Account
DISTURBING: Facebook Has SUSPENDED The Account Of The Capitol Attacker Which IDENTIFIED Him As A NATION OF ISLAM Follower
Article Breaking Down Facebook's Powerful Influence On The World And Encroaching Regulation


China Recently Signed 25 Year Defense Agreement With Iran - Former National Security Policy Advisor Expresses Concern
HYPOCRITES: Facebook Allows Beijing To Air CCP Ads Suggesting Uyghurs Are "Happy And Healthy" - Employees Are Expressing Concern
HYPOCRITE: Biden Urged MLB To Leave Georgia Over Election Law, But Won't Boycott Beijing Olympics Over Uyghur Mistreatment(VIDEO)
NOT JUST MUSLIMS: Eyewitnesses Claim China Has Brainwashing Camps For Christians
TOTALITARIAN: China Is Asking The World Health Organization To Let Them Build International Vaccination Record System


REMEMBER: Leftists Were Infiltrating The Catholic Church As Early As 2005 - Its No Wonder The Catholic Church Shows Leftist Tendencies Today
House Democrats Seek To Distance Themselves From AOC Ahead Of 2022, Commit To Return Her Campaign Donations
... This Comes On The Heels Of A Study That Found AOC Is One Of The LEAST Effective Members In Congress
HACKED!! Over 533 MILLION Facebook Users Had Their Phone Numbers And Other Data Published To The Internet
WILD VIDEO: Car PLOWS Through Crowd Into Taco Bell Injuring Three

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