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Patriots Remember is a site dedicated to providing ways for patriots to remember news and events that are important to conservatives. Once a day, the website is updated with news hand-picked from over 7 leading sources of conservative news.

The reason for creating this site is simple: patriots must remember politically charged events and keep them in the public eye if we are to maintain conservative values in a nation plagued by radical leftist thinking and big tech censorship. Lawsuits can take years to complete, investigations can be buried, bills can take years to pass... what's more, the media can spin stories such that the public forgets important considerations. (for example, the media has focused more on Cuomo's sexual assault allegations than how his nursing home covid policy killed thousands). It's important that we all remember as much as possible and share our knowledge at every turn.

To help patriots remember, this site provides an archive that allows you to look back at the news for previous days. Additionally, the articles collected by are backed up to the Waybackmachine at even if the original site removes their articles, the data will never be lost.

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