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Updated 2021/04/09 At 8:07 PM CST


In Spite Of Beijing, The US Has Loosened Restrictions On Taiwan Contacts

Second Amendment

HUGE GAFFE: Biden References "Merfin And Ruthers" Mid Speech On Gun Control, No One Knows Who He Is Talking About (VIDEO) - Are They Real People?
FIGHTING BACK: Kansas Legislature Votes To Reduce Age Requirements For Concealed Carry


SHES BACK: Greta Thunberg Is Being Used As A Mouth Piece To Push World Wide Vaccinations; Won't Attend Climate Summit
NOT JUST LIGHTFOOT AND PRITZKER: Apparently Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Was ALSO Booed On Baseball Opening Day - Good
PREDICTABLE: Face Masks Are Heavily Polluting The Worlds Beaches And Oceans

Illegal Immigration

Chinese Firm TikTok Airs Ads Are Aimed To Draw Illegal Immigrants To America
CONTINUING: Biden Administration STILL Will Not Grant Media Access To Migrant Facilities
RESIGNATION! Biden's Border Czar Leaves His Position Amid Illegal Immigration Crisis
Psaki Writes Off TX Governor's Calls To Shut Down Improperly Run Illegal Immigrant Facility - "No Basis"
Biden's Proposed DHS Budget Does Not Allocate ANY Money For Building The Wall... But Gives More Money To Illegal Immigrants

Everything's About Identity...

POLITICAL SMEAR: Newsweek Compares QAnon Group, That Never Killed Anyone, To ISIS Who Murdered Over 18 THOUSAND In Iraq
HORRIFIC: Boston Hospital Is Going To Give Preferential Treatment BASED ON RACE, WHITES LAST - Encourages This Nationally
IS THIS LEGAL?? Musical Theater Company Is Asking Job Applicants How They Would "Disrupt Toxic Whiteness"...
Vamp/Vampself?? Apparently He/Him She/Her and They Are No Longer Enough, Neo Pronouns Are On The Rise...
FIGHTING BACK: Arkansas House Has Passed Legislation To Protect Teachers Who Refuse To Use Preferred Pronouns
GOOD: Candidate For School Board In Evanston, IL Is Criticizing Schools Radical BLM Curriculum


Official Suggests US Has Offered Iran Ideas On How They Might Revive Nuclear Talks - Awaiting Iran Response

Climate Change

Spain Aims To Subsidize Electric Cars Through 2023 - But Patriots Remember How They Bait And Switched On Solar Panels
HYPOCRITE: John Kerry's Family Used Private Jet To Travel To Idaho While Kerry Goes On International Climate Change Tour


#RINO: Never Trust McConnell. He Is Now Supporting Anti-Trumper Lisa Murkowski
Crooked Cop From Mueller Probe Is Now Involved In Investigation Into Trump's Taxes
Trump Has Endorsed Rand Paul For Senate Reelection In 2022

Civil Unrest

Defense Secretary has Signed A Memo Ordering "Immediate Actions" To Weed Out "Extremism" In US Military
FOR THE PEOPLE?? Founder Of BLM Has Purcahsed A MILLION Dolar Home Near Malibu
PREDICTABLE: Portland Is Sending UNARMED Park Rangers To Combat The Recent Spike In Gun Violence
FBI Crime Statistics For 2020 Show Alarming Increase - One Of The Most Dangerous Years In Recent Memory
WHY? Kentucky Governo Has Signed No-Knock Warrants Into Law

Election Integrity

Progressive Groups In Arizona Are Launching An Intimidation Campaign To Try To Stop Proposed Voter ID Law
DONT FORGET: It's Been FIVE Months Since The 2020 Election - Georgia STILL Lacks Chain Of Custody Documentation For 355 THOUSAND Votes
NOT JUST VOTER ID: Arizona Democrats Are Fighting Like Hell To Prevent 2020 Election Audit In Maricopa County
PROTECTING ELECTIONS: Arizona State Legislature Passed A Resolution Tuesday Vowing To Defy H.R.1 If Passed
FIGHTING BACK: Black Conservatives Host A Press Conference OPPOSING H.R.1
RIDICULOUS: Wisconsin Supreme Court Has Ruled Voters Who Have MOVED Can Remain On Voter Rolls
MAJOR NEWS: Attorney Matthew DePerno Has Released Michigan Elections Forensis Report, Over 66 THOUSAND Unregistered Ballots In 9 Counties

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